ScreenBackTracker 1.0.1

ScreenBackTracker is a life saver tool that reminds the user of important past actions he needs to remember but simply can't. ScreenBackTracker is a pc activity logger, pc use logger, activity monitoring software. ScreenBackTracker is ideal for back tracking and covert surveillance.
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be able to set the time interval for screenshots

Vital to be able to set the time interval for screenshots, once every hour is hopeless, as is the fact that you can't specify it at all.
Jonathan Norris, 11.10.2016, 02:42
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The website needs repair and help/instructions.

There links that don't work, and the screenshots are not helpful. The video doesn't work. if the electronic brochure (website) fails it is hard to trust the software.
Spam Sorenson, 09.10.2016, 15:44